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SOFREP: Episode 240: Gold Star father Jeff Falkel opens up about his fallen son SSG Chris Falkel

On Episode 240, Jeff Falkel, Army veteran and Gold Star father of fallen Green Beret Chris Falkel joins us for a very candid and in-depth interview. Jeff tells us of the incredibly close father/son relationship he shared with his son, and tells the full story of Chris from growing up, fulfilling his dream of being an Army operator, to his untimely death in combat. The full story of Chris can be read in Jeff’s book “The Making of Our Warrior: How SSG Chris Falkel Became a Green Beret Warrior and Hero,” we highly recommend that you read it. Jeff is also the owner of Junior’s Bullet Pens, a reference to Chris’s nickname “Junior” in the Army, and inspired by Chris’s hobby of making things out of bullet shells. These pens are extremely well crafted and make for an excellent gift. Jeff was kind enough to even make some custom pens for Jack Murphy, Brandon Webb, Drew Dwyer, and myself after we met him at SHOT Show.

Jack also covers the latest at including his article “Special Operations Command urgently needs to rethink its approach to Operational Security,” and Derek Gannon’s highly controversial piece, “A group called ‘Marines United’ are hosting a sadistic library of nude female Marines.” We hope this episode makes you cherish the family members you love dearly, hearing all about Jeff and Chris’s friendship certainly did for me.

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