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Military commanders and various units give out challenge coins as mementos for services rendered or special occasions. There is also the tradition of the challenge coin “challenge” in bars and taverns around the world that have military members come in for refreshment and camaraderie. The challenge comes if someone slams a challenge coin on the bar; anyone that does NOT have a coin has to buy the next round!

JBP is proud to offer our own challenge coin. Our logo is on one side and our dedication to SSG Chris Falkel and his Special Forces Team – SFODA 316 – is on the other side. The WARRIORS of SFODA 316 were Chris’ brothers and they are OUR family.   I love them as my son did!  Thank you, my brothers, for ALL you have done for Chris, OUR family, and for OUR country!!!

JBP Challenge Coin

SKU: 300
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