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7.62 JBP "Jedburgh" Bullet Pen, Platnium Pen, Tip and Clip.  


Jedburgh with the closest connection to Army Special Forces was Colonel Aaron Bank, first Director of Special Forces (SF) and Commander of the first operational SF group, the 10th SFG. Many of the tactics and techniques used by Jedburgh teams were adopted for training early Special Forces in the 1950s.


Every JBP writing instrument is handmade by Gold Star Father, Jeff Falkel (US Army Veteran).  From once-fired military brass. In honor of his son SSG Chris Falkel, US Army Special Forces, K.I.A. in Afghanistan and our service men and women.  Each JBP writing instrument is Lifetime Guaranteed.


Your choice of pen tip, and pen clip combination (copper, gun metal, chrome and gold.)  Includes 1 medium, black ball point ink. Each pen comes with 1 medium, rich black point ink and can be refilled.  Each JBP writing instrument and JBP cases can be personalized.

7.62 JBP "Jedburgh" Pen

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