Pen Maintenance


SSG Chris Falkel was a weapons sergeant, and so he would have INSISTED that you are able to “re-load” all of our bullet pen products!

To change the ink source on the 7.62 bullet pen:

  1. Separate the two shells by pulling the “clip end “cartridge of the pen away from the “tip end” cartridge of the pen.
  2. Unscrew the black end of the ink source, and replace with any standard “Cross-type” refill.  These are available at any office supply store, or you can order extra ink refills from Junior’s Bullet Pen Company – see order form
  3. Slide the “clip end” cartridge back over the ink refill to use your bullet pen again.



As with our 7.62 bullet pens, all of our .50 cal marking pens are “reloadable!”  To replace the marker in the .50 cal shells:

  1. Take the cap off the marker
  2. Turn the marker counterclockwise about a quarter turn until it can be pulled out of the .50 cal shell
  3. Place the new marker in the .50 cal shell and push down to the bottom of the shell
  4. Once the marker is seated in the retainer, turn the marker clockwise a quarter turn to lock it in place.
  5. All of the markers we use are from the Newell Company of products (Sharpie, mini-Sharpie, Expo Dry Erase Markers and PaperMate Highlighters), and these can be purchased from any office supply store, or you can order extra markers from Junior’s Bullet Pen Company website – see order form



All Junior’s Bullet Pens are cleaned prior to assembly.  With normal use, the oils from our fingers will interact with the brass and form patina on the brass, which is a fine coating on the surface of the brassIn order to return the brass to the original shine, simply use a metal cleaning agent on a cloth to remove the patina.   Junior’s Bullet Pen Company proudly uses Iosso Case Polish to give our bullet pens their lustrous shine – need to see if it works as well as THEY say it will!?!?!?



Because we strive to clean and remove all gun powder residues from all of our shell casings, there SHOULD be no issue with bringing any of our bullet pen products onto an aircraft.  Here are some suggestions to make going through airport security with your bullet pen products smooth and easy:

  1. We have never had any complaints about bullet pen products in checked luggage.
  2. If you want to carry-on your bullet pen, be sure to take it out of your pocket.
  3. Placing the bullet pen in your carry-on luggage or briefcase should not be a problem, but TSA has suggested that you place your bullet pens in the plastic tubs along with your shoes and small 1 quart liquids bag. We have brought multiple pens and calibers of pens through airport security all over the country and the world, placing them in a quart plastic bag, and have never had an issue with TSA screeners.

As a retired Command Sergeant Major from 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at the Special Forces Association Annual Convention in Orlando in July 2011 told me …

“It’s a Ball Point Not a Hollow Point!”